Red Bull GC32 Boat

The GC32 is a 10m long (12m including bowsprit) by 6m wide foiling catamaran conceived by Laurent Lenne and designed by Dr Martin Fischer, currently Design Co-ordinator of the Challenger of Record for the 36th America’s Cup, Luna Rossa. GC32s are built in carbon fibre by Premier Composite Technologies in Dubai.

The GC32 is fitted with T-foil rudders and J-shaped daggerboards/foils, conceptually similar to those used on the America’s Cup catamarans, with adjustable rake on all appendages.

However a significant difference is that there are no hydraulics, no pedestals and no bicycles! Also unlike the AC50s, the GC32 features a more manageable, easier to trim soft-sail rig and has one design sails.

Despite all this GC32s are fast, capable of speeds approaching 40 knots.

The GC32 is demountable with a two piece mast for easy road transportation and can even be launched and retrieved without need of a crane.

Length: 10,00m / 32ft 10in
Beam: 6,00m / 19ft 8in
Mast: 16,50m / 54ft 2in

Mainsail: 60
Jib: 23,5m²
Gennaker: 90m²
Top Speed: 39,21 kn / 72,6 km/h